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“To Gain for the Lamb the Reward of His Sacrifice”
“Are we willing to go through what God wants us to go through to be what God wants us to be? 250 years ago, the Moravian Christians of Europe had this title as a guiding principle.  Their vision was presenting to the Lamb that which He died for.  Jesus laid down His life to reconcile the sinner with the Father.  They felt the personal responsibility to be a witness and share Christ. God is the great Creator, but it is often hard to see His handiwork in most people’s lives.  Mankind is the part of creation that is most corrupted.  A man lays drunk in an alley, a teenager is “high” on drugs, an abused child or neglected elderly person, all of these must be presented to the Lamb.  Jesus didn’t come to negotiate with Satan but to destroy his works!  He overcame evil by doing good. In I Chronicles 11, three of David’s captains put their lives on the line for their king’s desire.  As servants, we need to jeopardize our lives, our time, and our possessions in order to present to Jesus what is precious to Him.  We must go behind enemy lines and bring back captives to be presented to the Lamb saying, “This is the reward of your suffering.” God has His church in enemy territory to bring Him to those who are His.  The church member must leave his comfortable setting and roll up his sleeves.  There is an effectual door of ministry open, but there are many adversaries.  The honors of Christ’s Kingdom are prepared for those that “Fight the good fight of faith.”  Those who labor and suffer and are willing to venture all, even life, will enjoy the harvest.  Are you willing to put everything on the line for the Lord’s cause?  Thank you for laboring together with us in order that Jesus may receive that which he paid for on the cross.  Continue to press on in the work for Him.  He is certainly worth it. Because of Calvary, Pastor Jay T. Francis