Reflections by Pastor Jay T. Francis
Reflections by Pastor Sharon E. Carlson
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Essential Charachter of Heavenly Citizens April 2013 Ministry and Watering Your Own Soul May 2013 Calling Forth August 2013 Being a Champion for Christ October 2013 Shouts of Victory March 2013 River of Life May 2013 Living Victoriously November 2014 Being Used of God August 2014 Seeing From an Eternal Perspective June 2014 Trials, But Joy February 2014 Journeying To The Other Side September 2014 Rise and Shine May 2014 Whatever He Says January 2014 Gather the Fragments January 2012 Go After the Ark March 2012 Bringing Forth My Servant September 2012 Wisdom Beyond November, 2012 In Your Hand May, 2012 Rock of Escape July, 2012 Trusting God Regardless of Circumstances April 2014 Believe God July 2014 Change February 2013 Be Strong October 2012 A Line and Align September 2013