Rock  Road Chapel
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Morning Prayer Fridays 9 am - except first Fridays (see “F-3” above)
“F-3” First Friday Fast: "Seeking Him Prayer" (The first Friday of every month is devoted to prayer and fasting) 10 am: Seeking Him in worship personally and on behalf of the region and beyond!
The Community Storehouse is Wednesdays from 7-9 am and Saturdays from 9-11 am for all in need of food and personal care items.
Donations: Items are constantly needed to restock the shelves and provide quality and quantity blessings!
1. To improve the quality of indoor air and surfaces, we now have scientifically proven protection for air and sufaces - the Vollare Air Purification System, which removes airborne and surface contaminants like mold, bacteria, fungi, and viruses! for more info go to the Acive Pure Technology website - 2. Services are now in-house. All small groups of RRC are now meeting. 3. Sunday lunches bein August 2 4. Wednesday breakfast begins August 5 5. Hand sanitizers, masks and gloves are available at the Chapel 6. Social distancing and spaced seating will be honored. 7. Come with great Expectation to meet the Holy Spirit with a fresh baptism. 8. Harvest will soon be upon us. 9. Let us continue to pray strongly for our state and federal leaders. 10. Further details will be coming. 11. Call Pastor Jay with any questions at 518-469-5628
Regular events at Rock Road Chapel:   SUNDAY SERVICE:  10 am (PRE-SERVICE PRAYER 9:30 am;  ADULT BASIC BIBLE COURSE - 9am - 9:45am)  WEDNESDAY MID-WEEK SERVICE - 7 pm
Covid-19 Safety Provisions