Rock  Road Chapel
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Regular events at Rock Road Chapel:
Morning Prayer Fridays 9 am - except first Fridays (see “F-3” above)
Sunday Pre-Service Prayer: 9 am Sunday Morning Service: 10 am ONLINE on Wednesdays: 7 pm - Mid Week Service - Covid-19 restrictions Small group of 10 or less may now gather in church building
“F-3” First Friday Fast "Seeking Him Prayer" (The first Friday of every month is devoted to prayer and fasting) Meetings are held at 10 am, 2 pm, and 7 pm. Mornings: Focus is on Personal prayer Afternoons: Prayer for Rock Road Chapel and Our Community Evenings: Our Nation and requests by Intercessors for America Come apart to be a part!
SUNDAY SERVICE: 10 am, & Wednesday Evening Meeting: 7 pm Now open at Rock Road Chapel! 1. All small groups of RRC are now meeting. 2. Services are now in-house. Zoom is cancelled. 3. Sunday lunches begin August 2 4. Wednesday breakfast begin August 5 5. Hand sanitizers, masks and gloves are available at the Chapel 6. Social distancing and spaced seating will be honored. 7. Come with great Expectation to meet the Holy Spirit with a fresh baptism. 8. Harvest will soon be upon us. 9. Let us continue to pray strongly for our state and federal leaders. 10. Further details will be coming. 11. Call Pastor Jay with any questions at 518-469-5628
COVID-19 Safety Provisions and Updated Schedule: