Rock  Road Chapel
hats appening  H W Home Introductions Get Connected Whats Happening Explore Beyond For Accommodationas Directions to Rock Road Chapel appeningS H aTHERingS G and his      eek and    eyond T   W B Regular events at Rock Road Chapel: Morning Prayer  Fridays 9 am - except first Fridays (see F-3 above)   Sunday Pre-Service Prayer: 9 am  Adult Sunday School: 9am  Sunday Morning Service: 10 am  Wednesdays: 7 pm - Mid Week Service         F-3 First Friday Fast "Seeking Him Prayer"  (The first Friday of every month is devoted to prayer and fasting)  Meetings are held at 10 am, 2 pm, and 7 pm.        Mornings: Focus is on Personal prayer     Afternoons: Prayer for Rock Road Chapel and Our Community      Evenings:  Our Nation and requests by Intercessors for America Come apart to be a part!
The Community Storehouse is Wednesdays from 7-9 am and Saturdays from 9-11 am for all in need of food and personal care items.  
Donations: Items are constantly needed to restock the shelves and provide quality and quantity blessings!
All creation is anxiously and expectantly waiting for us to stand up in our authority as sons of God and speak the restoration of Heaven into earth. (see Romans 8:19)  The land defiled by the sins of man is waiting for the righteous sons and daughters of God to authoritatively decree: "O land, land, land, Hear the word of the LORD!" (Jeremiah 22:29) The teachings in Redeeming The Land - Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare will equip believers to stand as ambassadors of Heaven on earth, so they can boldly decree the Word of the Lord to captive individuals, regions, states and nations.  The new era we have entered is all about speech and freedom.  Come be equipped to be a vessel of grace and a voice of liberty in the land.   
Our speakers, Al and Kacey Hauck are co-founders of Friend of God Ministries, and currently serve as lead ministers at Shepherd's Heart Christian Fellowship in Greece, New York.  Al has ministered prophetically at churches and conferences in the United States and internationally, teaching extensively on Spiritual Warfare from the perspective of the believer's authority in our Father's Perfect Love; Walking in Power and Authority; Prophetic Worship; and Implementing Kingdom Principles in the Seven Mountains. 
We trust you will be blessed as you come out for this powerful time of training.
David Robertson
International Accelerated Missions