Commitment = Service A lot of what I say and do is a result of commitment. The things I write and speak, the ordering of my days, and the response to things around me are things that happen, more or less, automatically. Once we commit to something, such as being married or becoming a parent, then if we believe in commitment, our choices or decisions are largely made for us. I became committed as a Christian 50 years ago, August 1, 1962 at 9 PM. I still have other options, called temptations, but most decisions have little variation. The Great Commission, God’s commandments, and Christ’s love provide focus and give direction each time the alarm clock sounds. The directions and decisions for life were determined long ago and continue to this day. I believed and received the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and want to share it here and to the ends of the earth. Continuing On,
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Abiding In Our Lord "Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in me." John 15:4 His life has to be flowing through our lives in order for them to bear fruit. Such a relationship must be firmly attached, bonded, grafted tightly together. Then the branch can draw the necessary nutrients to grow healthy, productive fruit. Abide is a constant dependence relationship in which we acknowledge the Lord in our daily routine and make God the first and foremost priority in every area of our lives. Abiding in our Lord is the most peaceful, content, and secure position a believer could ever experience. In His Grip,