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Aligning with the Purposes of God “Therefore we make it our aim, whether present or absent, to be well pleasing to Him.” 2 Cor. 5:9 The Lord speaks to us in so many different ways: through His Word, through others’ words to us… sometimes through just one word, and at times without words. Alignment, for me, has been one of those appointed words at appointed times. As we think of the characters in the Bible, all were aligned to the purposes of God and for the purposes of God. Each had a destiny prepared for them to “step into,” yet they had to yield to the Lord working in them and submit to His plan to fulfill that destiny. Abraham, Joseph, Gideon, David, Esther, John the Baptist, Jesus…. each took step upon step with God in alignment to His will. God has a way of steering us in His Way! When we desire His will, He will assure it to be accomplished, as He desires His will be done in and through us even more than we desire. We can then rest. His will will be done. Jonah was compelled by God in the belly of the big fish. Paul was compelled by God on the road to Damascus. Sovereignly God aligns His people for His purpose. Let this be a time of seeking areas in which to be more closely aligned to God’s purposes: Alignment means to adjust, to produce a proper condition or relationship. ¨ Placement - Joseph’s destiny was in Egypt. Jesus’ finest hour was in Jerusalem. God has a certain place where we are to make a difference by spreading His fragrance to others. In our seeking Him, we must be pliable to allow Him to place us where and when He desires. Can He align us in the country, the state, the area (Gen. 12:1), the congregation, even the moments of our day (Acts 9:11) to reveal Himself through us? ¨ Position - What are your giftings? What is the position you’re to serve? I‘ve heard it said, “don’t cut rank” as in an army walking in line. It’s easy to desire someone else’s gifting, or calling or position, yet by “cutting rank” we leave a spot empty and can’t fulfill the position that God has ordained, thus forfeiting our destiny and not walking in the appointed anointing available. ¨ Posture - Jonah was in the place (Nineveh), was in the position (sharing the Gospel), but needed alignment in his internal posture: the attitude of his heart, his motivations, his mindset. Within us nothing is hidden before God. Yet, He desires to show us how to yield to align ourselves to His grace in order to have His truth in our “inward parts” (Ps. 51:6). This is an hour of crucial preparation for the Body of Christ to be aligned properly in order to demonstrate the greatest outpouring of His presence, love, and power. Seek Him regarding His will. Seek Him allowing any changes in placement, position, and posture He desires. I am so grateful that the Lord has aligned us together for His purposes. In Him, Pastor Sharon Carlson