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Follow Me “Then He said unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. And they immediately left their nets, and followed Him.” Mt. 4:19-20 These words uttered by Jesus as He walked along the shore pierced the hearts of Peter and Andrew. Their response was not one of hesitation, saying, “In a moment, as we’ve just cast our net into the sea.” On the contrary, “immediately” they left their nets and followed Him. Within moments as the brothers, James and John, were mending nets with their father, Jesus called to them. Immediately, they too, left the boat and their father to follow the invitation of the Lord. Jesus, the same yesterday, today and forever, is still actively calling. In the midst of the “mending” and the “casting” of nets, His command and His promise remains, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Are we hearing the call as He pursues us to leave the sea of the natural and see from His perspective. This process of “making us” fishers happens as we walk with Him. I’m reminded of a sketch...men, women and children are thrashing wildly in the ocean, tossing with the waves. Within reach is a large raft. Upon this raft are self-absorbed groups of Christians. Some are entrenched in a Bible study. Some are happily socializing. Most are oblivious to the screams and eminent death of those in the water. Only a small handful are tossing out life preservers. Natural affection and spiritual affection can actually keep us bound and distant to the call of the Lord to “Follow and become fishers of men”. The necessity of professional identity and means of income (casting the nets) keep us focused on obtaining the provision and lose sight of the the Provider. Nets are cast out into the deep for personal need and want. Family responsibility and ties to heritage can capture our eyes from our Father and eternal heritage. Nets are being mended, close to shore, preparing to be used, yet needing constant personal attention. Seeking the blessings of personal growth in the Word and fellowship, although necessary and good, can masquerade true fellowship with the Word Himself and extending His Life to others. Only as we follow Him, walk with Him, and yield to Him will He develop (make) us into His fishers in the tumultuous sea of this world. Throughout the world men, women and children are thrashing in the stormy seas of sin and destruction. Often the screams of the sinking are unheard by the natural ears. It is a crucial time to have ears that hear the cries of the spirit, and respond with the very Word and substance of Life. Pastor Sharon Carlson