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Moving in the Miraculous An outline for inspiration, motivation, and impartation The computer generation deserves to see a demonstration of the living God. We must not settle for anything less than God’s miracle working power. I. There is a real need of the supernatural in Christianity Psalm 77:11-14; Psalm 103:2-3; 2 Timothy 3:5; Luke 9:1-2; Acts 8:6-7 II. Develop a conviction: moving in the miraculous is God’s revealed will Mark 16:17-18; Romans 10:17; Matthew 15:6; Mark 6:5-6; James 5:15 III. “Pay the Price” for supernatural ministry – Luke 4:18-19 A. Consistent time in His presence - Psalm 34; Daniel 11:32 B. Cultivate a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit – I Corinthians 12:8-11; Mark 16:20 C. High level of faith by meditation in the Word – John 15:7 D. Live a pure and holy life – 2 Chronicles 16:9; Acts 17:30 E. Cultivate Boldness – Acts 4:29-30 Let’s rise up in faith in this hour of church restoration. God is fashioning a people who will not limit the Holy One of Israel. The glory will go the One who gave His life to make it all possible. Pastor Jay T. Francis